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Marine Debris And Its Consequence

This post is about a video clip I just came across on social networking site Facebook. Its not an internet meme or one those viral music videos. It seems nowadays people are prioritizing those over the more serious and severely consequential matters. Its about a survey that was done in an island in the pacific ocean. An island in the middle, the nearest coastline being 2000 km away. The island is mainly inhabited by sea birds, yet still inevitably the surveyors found signs of products used by the people. Take a look yourself. (more…)


Jeff Plumb talks about Ping Skills

First and foremost, I, personally and on behalf of the readers, would like to thank Jeff Plumb for patiently enduring me through the interview phase.

Now in this post, Jeff will be talking about the PingSkills website, his and Alois’ creation. The first one of its kind to give video tutorials about the wonderful sports of (more…)

World Watch #1

Out of the time that I have been spending for my studies, I have been able to manage to sneak out and do a couple of things regarding this blog – as you already might have noticed. Apart from that I am starting a new category which is somewhat necessary for every news blog. World watching is (more…)