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Jeff Plumb talks about Ping Skills

First and foremost, I, personally and on behalf of the readers, would like to thank Jeff Plumb for patiently enduring me through the interview phase.

Now in this post, Jeff will be talking about the PingSkills website, his and Alois’ creation. The first one of its kind to give video tutorials about the wonderful sports of (more…)


One on one with Jeff Plumb Part 2

As promised, here are some other things about Jeff you would like to know.

The year 1989 proved to be a good one for you as you won a tournament and was a runner up in the other. Was that the breaking point you were looking in your career?

It really was. After that tournament I was selected as part of the (more…)

One on one with Jeff Plumb Part 1

Recently I took an interview of one of the Table Tennis greats in Australia. In 1989 he won the Australian Under 15 singles title and was runner up in the Under 17 singles title in the same year. Later on he went on to win a lot of matches and made Australia proud in numerous occasions. His latest venture is to be a good Table Tennis guru (more…)

One on one with Alois Rosario

I would like to thank Pingskills for mentioning this interview in their blog.

When I first joined college, I found out that table tennis is the most talked about sports there. After some initial reluctance, I gave in to my curiosity and tried to figure out its rules etc. But what I thought would be a (more…)