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Arnab’s Top 10 #1

An operating system was put into use so that the users can do the things they want in a computer on a stable platform. But that purpose is not served if the right and efficient softwares are not installed on that platform. So here are 10 softwares that you have to install in your computer. This is not me recommending them, but the following list is based on downloads allover the globe and also on recommendations from best software specialists.

Arnab’s top 10 Softwares to download:

10: MyVideoCoverter

Now with different types of media players being introduced by various well known and amateur developers a software it is a must that a media player be able to play any format of sound and video codecs just in order to stay in the market competition. That is why this software is on the 10th place. But still if somebody needs a video in so and so extension, especially when they need to view the clip in a cell phone etc. they can without any doubt download the MyVideoConverter software. It is a software which converts a video file into any formats as the user chooses. It also has, as you can see, an extremely user friendly interface. It takes minimal space to install and the download size is also negligible. All you have to do is select the file, the output folder and click the convert button. Some of the video formats it supports are AVI, ASF, DAT, DVD, MOV, MPEG, WMV, VCD, and many more. Read more.

9: Internet Download Manager (IDM)

How many times did you have that feeling “it would be nice if I didn’t have to download that large file at once”. Well look no further. The Internet Download Manager does just that. Why do I download a download manager? I can straight away download the file I require. This must be the question that has popped into numerous minds reading this. The answer is this. The internet download manger, simply put, manages the downloaded files into proper folders. It supports the resume download option.

The resume download enables you to complete all and any unfinished downloads at any time. IDM also checks the downloaded files for any sign for viruses. Another handy tool is the drag and drop feature. You can simply drag the links and drop it in the IDM and also drag and drop downloaded files into folders (although IDM automatically sorts incoming files by file types and puts them in the appropriate folder). So don’t get fooled by the simple name. Details here.

8: WinRAR (32 bit)

Although due to the immensely high capacity hard drives and portable media devices hardly any one needs a compressing software but winrar is an absulotely small but handy zipping program which can zip a file of any size and also lets a user browse the contents of a zipped folder of any extension. More

7: GOM Media Player

The GOM player is a media player which pretty much is a bit ahead of the other media players because of its ability to play videos of any formats, the brightness and hue adjuster on the control player and the customizable look of the GOM player window. The view adjustments occur as you are watching the video. Apart from this the player includes an adjustable audio control, a built in screen capture feature, zoom-in and out options, customizable themes and hot-keys, if by chance your mouse is broken 🙂


6: Ad-Aware Free Internet Security

Yes, I know you just flinched on your seat. This is what you were waiting for. All those times when you were reading an interesting article and out comes and ad banner to irritate you. That can be stopped.This software blocks all those ads on a website that may disturb you and also blocks pop-ups. At last a parent can without any worries allow their children to surf the internet. This is because ad aware also blocks adult contents form being shown in a website. So hurry up and download it now. Read more on features.

5: Virtual DJ

Although the name suggests that the software is very complicated to use but I wont agree to that. This mp3 mixing software is as easy to use as typing and using the mouse.OK it might not seem that simple at first but once you get used to the controls and their uses you can let your creativity flow and groove and shake to your creation. The Virtual DJ was the winner of the Best DJ Software at WMC 2010. So what are you waiting for? Download it now.

4: Free youtube to mp3 converter

When you are viewing a clip on youtube and want to store it on your computer in the mp3 format then this is the tool you need. This converter will convert from a direct youtube link. One drawback is that it does not come integrated to your web browsers, so you have to copy the link and paste on the window. The converted mp3 file will be stored by default to the my documents folder until you specify a different address. The converted mp3 will automatically inherit the original name of the clip. Its windows comprises of only 7 buttons, a few fields and a drop down menu. Don’t be nosy about its simple and unilateral interface. There is a reason for this being in my no. 4. Almost everybody watches songs on youtube and if you want to save it it in mp3, now you know what to do. Download it now.

3: Youtube Downloader

The youtube downloader is more popular and more used that the Youtube to mp3 converter. That is why it is higher in my list of top 10. The only thing that is different in this software is that it downloads the videos from youtube instead of the mp3. It means you can both see and hear the clip you download. Also I must admit it is a bit annoying that if you like a clip in Youtube and want to see it again,  then you have to revisit the site and wait till it buffers and then see it. But with this little baby (4.48 MB) you can save your videos in your hard drive. You can download it for free here.

2: AVG Antivirus

The AVG Antivirus according to me is the best free antivirus the internet can offer to you. It comes with numerous features and options. Unlike the previous versions of AVG the AVG 2011 comes with a lot changes (hopefully the good ones). The developers said that the installation of this antivirus will take less time. Virus scans will also take less time. A new one-click fix button is added which will automatically repair security breaches and also update if the virus database become outdated. The AVG Link Scanner is a brand new addition here, which scans malicious links in Facebook or MySpace etc. This is the first time that AVG free users and the premium users are offered the same level of basic protection. Make the most of it and download it now.

1: Kaspersky Internet Security

This baby is the grand daddy of them all. No wonder I have saved it till the last. The more you use the antivirus, the more satisfied you become. No, it is not free of charge. It only seems fare that this delicate state of the art composition of a program comes at a cost. When you give this baby the responsibility of keeping your PC safe, you don’t have to think of it again. With Kaspersky running, you can surf the web safer, enter passwords to you banking sites without any worries, you can rest assured that your emails don’t contain any spam. The most complex viruses will be puny in front of Kaspersky. Kaspersky Internet Security is available on stores and also can be bought and downloaded from the web from its official website.

So, that concludes this edition of top 10. Stay tuned for more…
Until next time.