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Something Heavy for the Tech Savvy

A person whom I know very well does a  thing called world watch in his blog on a not so regular basis. So I thought that I should introduce something like that on my own blog. By the way you can check out the genuine version here.
Now on to today’s topic.

There is a breaking news for all the tech savvy people. The world’s largest semi-conductor chip maker Intel announced recently that they are soon going to bring to the market 3D transistors. One doubt I want to clear at the beginning is that this 3D has nothing to do with the graphics or visuals. It is just a tri-gate transistor. Something like this :

Recently Intel said that this could well be their most significant breakthrough of this year. Intel is ready to put its first ever 3D transistors into test by putting it in production. This technology provides more efficient use of energy and also low voltage. Says Intel we can see the devices perform somewhere in 2012.
Information taken from cnet and theinquirer.
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