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déjà vu

The following is like an excerpt from my life. All the details are not there, I have chosen very few incidents so that I don’t take up too much of your time window. On top of that I am still a novice so you have to bear with me a little bit.

‘may I come in mam?’

We all looked towards the door. It was Sid and Harry puffing on the door.

‘what time is it?’, mam asked still looking at the book she was reading to us. I didn’t pay anymore attention as I already knew they were going to lie. I shifted a bit indicating that I want them to sit beside me. They did.

‘pay attention here everyone.’, she started reading again.

‘where the hell were you guys?’, I tried not to sound too desperate.

‘long story, maybe some other time’, harry whispered taking out his books from his bag.

‘This time you have to tell me whats going on’, we were on our way out from the tuition. It had been a week and neither of the two talked to me about what they were up to.

‘we’re trying to find out where Jane lives.’, Harry said.

‘What! Why?‘ I nearly shouted out. I had never heard of such a strange thing like that. I knew he had a crush on her. But to try to find her residence after he went through so to find her number, was insane. There was no other way to put it.

‘are you trying to kidnap her?go in the middle of the night and you know enact something like a stunt from kidnap or something?’, I still couldn’t stop laughing.

‘this is the reason I didn’t tell you earlier…humph!’ he cycled away from sight.

‘believe me when I tell you this. I am not bragging about it but really I have seen countless number of couples and have heard numerous stories of love affairs. It is useless waste of the time. And by the surrounding we are living in here, nothing good is going to come out of it. Indian people do not break ups lightly. The couple become bitter enemies of each other.’, I knew I was exaggerating a bit, but I had no other choice. It was about a month since harry and Jane are in the just friends mode. Now according to Harry, Jane had proposed him. Today Harry was literally auctioning the question to us about what he should do. After some chaos he came to me and I gave a negative reply. I saw something not even Harry could see(off course not, he was in love). Jane and Harry were on completely opposite poles altogether. Jane was very hardworking and really had her min set on what she wanted to do and what she wanted to become. Where as Harry was leave it for the last type(I know it sounds like that but I’m not imposing my characteristics on him). Their enthusiasm were not on the same track. Eventually Jane was going to find someone better. In spite of me trying very hard to convince him, Harry and Jane became a couple.

I passed high school and was on my way for…more learning but the only difference was I had to say goodbye to some of my friends and go on to make new ones. Although me and Harry were admitted on different colleges we did not completely loose touch. We talked on the phone. Most of the time the only topic was the headlines of sports center and the progress in his love story. A significant thing happened to Harry midway to his first college year. He got demoted from a major to a general, the reason for that still awkward for him to discuss with me.

‘Why me’, he said on the phone. But little did he knew more was on the way. After a couple of months, I received a text from him that he has gone through a major event and would like to talk to someone. I thought what did the boy get himself into now?

The phone call was very short and sharp :


‘Jane just called a minute ago’


‘she said that she likes a guy from college and wants to break up with me’