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The strength of Chinese domestic Table Tennis structure

This is not a once in a blue moon, isolated genius child wonder, nearly all Chinese kids are trained in such methods so that they can be able to take the responsibility of the Chinese national duties of winning tournaments when they takeover in the future days.


The majesty of table tennis at WTTC 2015

The sheer majesty of this picture is unquestionable. This is a picture taken from the match between Ma Long and Timo Boll vs. Xu Xin and Zhang Jike in the WTTC 2015 taking place in Guangzhou, China – the later pair won the match.

xu xin and zhang jike

xu xin and zhang jike

This picture was taken from the official ITTF Facebook page. Please visit and hit like for keeping up to date with more WTTC 2015 news and match results.