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A question on Kim Davy

There are a lot of people, including me who did not bother to go to much details about the Purulia Arms Drop Case. But due to the recent chain of events I was quite curious about what had happened late in the year 1995.
A Latvian aircraft was able to escape from all the security and entered into the Indian air space as deep as the state of West Bengal and dropped a consignment somewhere in the Purulia district. Later investigations revealed that the consignment contained several hundred AK-47s and more that a million rounds of ammunition. Astonishingly the plane re-entered the Indian airspace several days later, but this time it was arrested and forced to land in the Mumbai airport. After the judge at an Indian court ruled that all the personnel(5 Latvian citizens, a British citizen and a Yorkshire based arms dealer) in the plane were to serve life imprisonment, the alleged mastermind of the whole plan Niels Christian Nielsen also know as Kim Davy( a Danish citizen) was able to escape. Later due to intervention of outside countries the prisoners were pardoned. Kim Davy however was traced in Denmark. He is not arrested till now. On a more recent note, 28th April 2011 to be precise, Kim Davy came forward and gave a major statement. He said that both the Indian Government(under the Congress Party) and its intelligence agency were aware of the arms drop and its precise details well in advance. He narrowed it down further when he said that this operation was carried out and sanctioned by the center to destabilize the Left Govt. in the state. The following day the C.B.I (Central Bureau of Investigation) denied the allegation. Some analysts have also said that this is just to create tension before the upcoming elections. Just a day after this allegation West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee wrote a letter to Prime Minister for judicial inquiry(details 1. & 2.). On the same day a team of a C.B.I officer and a lawyer are sent to Denmark for attending the trial of Kim Davy(read more…).

Enough of facts. We can clearly assume that the voices of India are not going to, or rather they cannot, raise questions against the Govt. But that does not mean they are unaware or misinformed or are bereft of conscience. Actually, it’s a tough job being a man with a conscience in this subcontinent. Even more tough if you are young, not hugely famous, and have a tendency to think beyond what is guided by editorial policies of television channels. You are not supposed to think, reason, or question. Otherwise, it would have been astonishing, not to find the questions which came in my mind, not being asked by the celebrity journalists in Indian media. They are not dumb. But they definitely seem mute. But what appalled me was a Bengali channel, which is a collaboration between an International media chain, and the biggest media group of Eastern India, actively and brazenly leading to the defense of Kim Davy.

Apparently that Indian agency, under the orders of the Government was involved in this arms drop was a matter of open secret case. A man, who flew in the air space of a country, in a cargo plane, undetected by military aviation radars, then dropped a cache of heavy weaponry including, and not limited to rocket propelled grenade launchers is not a matter of joke. The fact that he escaped right in front if the entire CISF forces, would mean that we have to assume, he ran, alone, being a white skinned male of middle age, without being recognized by anyone of the state apparatus. Also he wouldn’t be using his Passport which risks immediate capture. Other than using passport, he would be able to cross from the Nepal Border, which means he was not identified by the massive security apparatus hunting for him at the borders then.
Alternatively, he was helped by someone from inside, known from inside, and meticulously planned from inside. So the revelations were not something which was new to me. Warren Anderson fled by a sky blue Ambassador car with the active help of Congress Government. Just like Ottavio Quattrochi. Same old story, same old ruling Congress party, only new faces, and new issues every time…

Which brings me to the channel report, I was mentioning. Any act of actively helping any group to perpetrate violence against any democratically elected Government, is an Act of waging a war against the Union of India. The Government may be a communist Government. But it is democratically elected, and enjoys, or better enjoyed at that time a huge support from a population majority. On my conscience, I cannot support any external agents trying to over throw any elected representatives of people, as that means I am not democratic minded.
On the contrary, I love my constitution, I love democracy. And the fact that Indian government is involved in raping the same democracy they vowed to protect is a matter of shame and agony. I guess some questions are not to be asked…

I acknowledge Sumantra Maitra for research and inputs.