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Friendly Table Tennis Match after getting married

There is a contradiction in opinions of married people regarding their life changing after marriage. Happily married ever after or not, people should keep having fun and enjoy. I came across a video on YouTube through a friend where a just married couple are playing table tennis in an open area. First the husband takes a selfie and then starts lobbing the ball while the wife is smashing from the other end all the while enjoying to Village People’s YMCA song. Everything aside, I’ve got to say the he is a good lobber. Apart from having a laugh with them in the video you will also see some couple of good quality lobs and smashes. Here is the video…enjoy. (more…)


The majesty of table tennis at WTTC 2015

The sheer majesty of this picture is unquestionable. This is a picture taken from the match between Ma Long and Timo Boll vs. Xu Xin and Zhang Jike in the WTTC 2015 taking place in Guangzhou, China – the later pair won the match.

xu xin and zhang jike

xu xin and zhang jike

This picture was taken from the official ITTF Facebook page. Please visit and hit like for keeping up to date with more WTTC 2015 news and match results.

Apple Syncing

An intriguing video from Facebook of various Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iMac etc syncing together to put a complete show.

Chop and Loop Table Tennis Drill

I found a very nice video of two players practicing a drill in Table Tennis. One of them is chopping the ball from backhand corner and the other one is looping the return. It is a great treat to watch. To beginner players who wish to learn chopping loops or looping chops, they should definitely see this video and take some tips on the hip rotation, upward motion of the racket, footwork, etc. Here is the video. (more…)

Nepal Tragedy: Double Standards in Sympathy?

I am not going to say anything. I am only going to quote what a person named Vasanth Krishna on Facebook wrote in his timeline along with some pictures.

“I wonder why Human cries for Human only. So selfish! So self-centered! Just a month back there was a huge massacre for annual religious festival in Nepal.
More than 250,000 animals were lined up for slaughter as Nepal embarks on a two-day religious festival where buffalo, birds and goats were sacrificed to appease a Hindu goddess.
Millions of Hindus flocked to the ceremony, which are held every five years at the temple of Gadhimai, the goddess of power, in Bariyarpur, Nepal, near the Indian border.
The last time the festival was held, in 2009, more than 250,000 animals were killed, according to animal rights organisation PETA, who is campaigning to put a stop to the practice. This is most horrid procedure to please goddess. The natural disaster is occurred just because of this sort of inhuman sacrifice in name of religious practice. We should STOP it such abominable act immediately. Live and Let others LIVE. Or else Mother NATURE will react very badly and she will not let you LIVE peacefully. Everybody is Her child. Please do not hurt anyone. Hare Krishna!”