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Mike Myers’ Tribute to David Letterman sums it all up


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This video that I recently saw on YouTube of Mike Myers visit The Late Show with David Letterman sums it all up that Dave has done in his illustrious career as a talk show host.

The kind of appreciation that he gets from Mike is a proof that his work and professional career was a huge and tremendous success. I am from India, where, believe me when I tell you, there aren’t any lack of good shows. I mean one can name it all and we have got it. But still, since the time I was allowed to watch TV talk shows, and whenever I saw this show was on, I always loved every minute of the show. I prefer talk shows more than the Indian shows which, my peers watched. It made me laugh and also taught me to be insightful. I don’t know if it increased my comic timing but it sure did help increase my sense of humor. I love the interviews that Dave conducted and the way he conducted them. His conversations were always a treat to watch. I am sure that he can never be replaced.


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