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Marine Debris And Its Consequence


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This post is about a video clip I just came across on social networking site Facebook. Its not an internet meme or one those viral music videos. It seems nowadays people are prioritizing those over the more serious and severely consequential matters. Its about a survey that was done in an island in the pacific ocean. An island in the middle, the nearest coastline being 2000 km away. The island is mainly inhabited by sea birds, yet still inevitably the surveyors found signs of products used by the people. Take a look yourself. If you think its worth it, please share the message. Not mandatory to share the post or the video, we just have put word out there and try to change ourselves.

Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time and allow ourselves to feel deeply enough that it transforms us and our future — a true story from the heart of pacific.


The following is a complete report (The great pacific garbage patch) in a TED Video.


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