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An Old Man’s Christmas Wish List via crabbyoldfart


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A senior citizen’s Christmas wish list for all of mankind:

  • Iprods (available in 15,000 volt, 25,000 volt and 50,000 volt versions)
    It’s about time someone combined the genius of walking sticks with the ingenuity of cattle prods to create a handy device for shocking oblivious young people who are stomping around leashed to their mp3 players and knocking down old people like god damned bowling pins.
  • Large Print Traffic Signs
  • Raising the Minimum Age of Doctors
  • A GOP Debate that is Watchable 

1 Comment

  1. Hahaha yes! The iProds are a genius idea. That would teach the youngins. I also love the large print signage. Elderly people would really appreciate it and I don’t think younger folks would mind it much either.

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