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Man Utd vs. Chelsea – A game remembered for its misses


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This Sunday, Chelsea were to visit Old Trafford and play against Manchester United. Manchester United won the game 3-1. The scorers for Manchester United were Smalling, Nani and Rooney. Although Torres will be remembered for his miss in the game but he was able to score before that in the opening minutes of the 2nd half. 5 players from both the clubs were booked with a warning while in possession neither team could budge the other (50%-50%).

Smalling after heading the 1st goal also his debut in the season

The game opened with Chelsea dominating in possession. I have always thought that Manchester United is comparatively weaker in their defense. They proved me right for most of the first half. Although the Chelsea midfielders found considerable gaps in the defense of the Manchester United defense, the strikers were not able to find the net. I must admit that this was mostly due to the classy saves of De Gea and also due to blind folded shots of the strikers. Chelsea won many corners but were only able to make a couple of them menacing. On the other side of the field though, the scene was completely. Nani on one side and Young on the other accompanied by the midfielders – Anderson, Fletcher and Smalling were making the

Nani with his skills

Chelsea defenders look like school boys. The red devils opened their account by a picture perfect free kick. Although the commentators tried to say that the goal was controversial as Smalling was offside, but I think Lampard played Smalling on. Young took the free kick and curved the ball like an arc. on the receiving end were many men but Smalling was smart enough to head the ball in the net and in the process caught Cech sleeping. After some minutes, Fletcher found Nani in the midfield, who dribbled his way in for some 10-12 yards and then let go a cannon of a shot – no curve no elevation no spin, and when it landed it was inside the net. But the third goal was mainly due to the amazing heart of Jones. He outran with the ball all the way from the midfield to the other side and eventually passed to Rooney who said thanks and did the honors.

But the second half will be the one making the match memorable. In the opening minutes Fernando Torres scored a goal to get one back for his club. But about some time later, Nani was fouled in the Penalty box. The referee pointed to the spot and Rooney measured the goal. Then a bizarre thing happened. The left foot of Rooney slipped as he was about to shoot and he sent the ball into orbit. If you

Rooney's Penalty miss

think that was bizarre, the after some minutes, Torres had the defenders and the De Gea beat, he was halfway in the penalty box with nothing but the open goal left to him. But still he sent the ball wide. After Ramirez missed to convert a pass in the first half into a goal, this was Torres with an even more easy chance. Then both the clubs spent some minutes by passing to players of their opponent team. Then on the other side, Rooney again missed a

Torres misses an open Goal

goal which this time was unlucky as he found the bar post. Then Berbatov was substituted for Chicharito Hernandez. Rooney let a goal scoring opportunity go by not scoring himself and passing the ball to Berbatov who is in a goal drought. But Berbatov couldn’t kick the ball properly and couldn’t score. When the final whistle was blown, the players sighed a relief.

So in one day, Torres finally scored, Rooney finally missed and there were 4 misses – each of which could be the turning point of the match. With this win, Manchester United make their 5th win in a row. This is the first time since the 1985-86 season, where they won 10 in a row and eventually lost the League. But at end all what matters to Sir Alex is the 3 points that will keep them in the top of the table accompanied by no one.

Manchester United play Leeds on Wednesday in the League Cup.

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  1. Arnab, get you facts right. Smalling was offside and back line did it job and no one marks an offside payer. Second goal, Nani was offside in the build up of the game. If this would have been at Stamford Bridge and decisons would have gone in the favour of chelsea then by now Referee would have demoted for few games. Your 50%-50% possessions stats are jsut for computers and for the people like you, Possession matters in the last third and in the last third Chelsea had much better possesions. 20 shots on goal ( not included Torres miss) and even die hard United supporters were in agreement that Chelsea should have gone with a point.

  2. Arnab says:

    I am sorry, I did not try to be bias in the post and only expressed my thoughts. All of them are facts except the 1st goal which is my opinion. But thanks for your comment.

  3. jgrady12345 says:

    Arnab – the guy above is right about the first two goals (both offside) but he fails to recognise that Chelsea could easly have been down to 10 men and facing another penalty after Cole’s assault on Hernandez. Goals change games, and who knows what would have happened if the linesman had done his job in the first half – frankly, and you will see from my blog that I’m no United supporter, I doubt the result would have been any different.

    Actually, according to the official stats, UNited had 57% possession, and completed 449 passes to Chelsea’s 326 which demonstrates their dominance of the game. Chelsea had more shots (22-14) but that doesn’t describe the quality (or lack of) of those shots.

    Good, if a little biased, write-up !!

  4. jgrady12345 says:

    Hi Arnab – I think you need to watch the game again – the TV pictures showed quite clearly that Nani was offside. When the ball was played to him from the other side of the pitch, he was about 1 metre offside, but ran back about 15m to collect the ball. At the same time, the defenders moved backwards, so when he collected the ball, he was 20m onside. Unfortunately, the rules state that it is when the ball is passed to you, and at that point, he was offside. Check out some reports of the games – you will see that this is referred to.

    I am afraid you have fallen into the “Manchester United blinkered supporter” trap………..

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