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Liverpool’s starting is vital


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In the 2011-12 Barclay’s Premiere League Liverpool will take on Sunderland in 13th August 2011 in their home ground. This will be their first match in the new Barclay’s Premiere League Season. The Liverpool fans will keep their fingers crossed for this season and will pray to the sports Gods or Goddesses so that their club do not falter again. Last season the Liverpool authorities changed their managers twice. But this change could not change the plummeting course that the club traveled. At one point of time in the season Liverpool were near the relegation zone and some pundits had already started speculating the chances of Liverpool getting relegated. To me it was a shock as I thought that Liverpool and relegation were words of two different world.

Not only did Liverpool performed badly against the other big clubs like ManU, Arsenal and Chelsea, but also performed badly with the weak teams. Later during the season, under a new manager the club slowly gained back its composure. But the damage had already been done. The clubs best striker Fernando Torres had lost faith in his club and made a midway surprise transfer to one of the rival clubs Chelsea. Not only did Liverpool lose in the domestic tournaments, but also lost in the Europa League cup without much effort. After the tragic season ended, Liverpool finished in the sixth place with 17 wins 7 draws and 14 losses.

The club have got to be serious this coming season and sort out their priorities. A club is only as strong as their weakest link. So unity is the most essential key element here. Although most English League pundits believe that the Barclay’s Premiere League is the most unpredictable league in the world. But I think that the way Liverpool plays the first match with Sunderland will tell a lot about the attitude they have adopted. It will be up to them if they can keep up that attitude through the season.

In other news, Steven Gerrard has been reported injured and is admitted to the hospital. He wont be able to some matches. Gerrard also missed the preseason friendlies.

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  1. Subhash says:

    Good signings, an inspirational manager lets see hw this season turns out for them

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