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World Watch #2 Norway killings


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I hate to fill my blog like this. But I am afraid that this world watch is grimmer than the last time.

Norway Killings: This past Friday proved to a day of mourning for Norway and its neighboring countries for that matter. Some man named Anders Behring Breivik got his one of wires in the head lose and went into a killing spree. He went into a killing rampage in one of the youth clubs in Utoya and shot men, women and children from close range. The Prime addressed the situation next day and led into a nationwide mourning. He could hardly stop his tears and was quoted as saying than the man turned one of his paradises into a hell. The death toll is 75 and counting as search for missing children begin.

Friday, 22nd July. A man dressed in a police uniform drives into the youth club at Utoya in a silver colored van. His car has packed explosives. He comes out of the van and is armed with two guns. He steadies himself and starts choosing his targets. He shoots at them in close range. Panic struck people run for their lives. The place soon turns into a blood bath as Anders shoots at anyone and everyone. After finishing with the close targets, he calls out that he is a cop and everyone is safe and they should come out. Some confused children come out. He starts shooting at them again. He then turns to the lake situated nearby. People are trying to swim and save their lives. He shoots them in the waters. People hiding behind rocks and inlets report later that he was cheering at his own actions and shouting that they all must die. He roamed the place to check if someone is alive. He kicked them or shot at them twice to confirm. After shooting for nearly 90 minutes, he surrenders to the police without defending himself.

It was later confirmed that he first set off a car bomb in centre of Oslo’s political district killing seven people. Then he went about to the Utoya and continued the rampage. Although at first the police were suspecting that he was working under someone, but now it has been confirmed that he was working alone.

This is the worst massacre committed in Norway since World War II.


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1 Comment

  1. Subhash says:

    Even kids as young as 11 were prosecuted..And all this was to mourn a persons death.. atrocious !!

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