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Me and some of my Mini-Mes


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Let me make something clear at the very beginning. If you guys think that this post is a juxtaposition of the Austin Powers movies and myself, then clearly you are in the wrong place and are likely to get disappointed.

Now with that out-of-the-way, a little bit of what this post is about. I agree that recently I have gone astray from the base on which this blog was founded – analyzing news and have been posting some personal posts, but I assure the readers that the these two are not related. Due my busy schedule on recent days, I was unable to spent time here let alone asses any news. But every cloud has its silver lining and so does mine. Within a couple of weeks, Keeping In Touch will be back in business. This post however is a part of a contest which is presented by Indiblogger and Dell. Visit the following link for more details about Dell Laptops (but not before you read my post 😉 ) :- http://bitly.com/inspiron

Also I am not mentioning any company names in the following to avoid controversies.

The Websters Dictionary defines gadget as “an often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty”. Before the 21st century, the use of gadgets were strictly limited to the upper class businessmen and royalty. That too mostly from foreign land. Seldom did we saw someone from India using a high-profile gadget in the midst of public. But as the world stepped into the  new millennium, a massive tidal wave of technology hit the human species and spread like a disease. It was as if stone age never existed. The people became seasoned to use the gadgets as if it had been in their blood for eternity. After watching the elders, slowly the children became prone to use these gadgets. And this has been continuing ever since.

When I was in school (I’m not an old hag, I’m talking about just a couple of years back), I used to see that friends of my age and also some my juniors using expensive cell phones, digital cameras and such sorts of stuff. They used to come to the tuition with an earphone around their neck and the ends latched on to their ears. At that time the only thing that I had was a black and white cell phone that my dad had bought me for calling my house only during a time of emergency and not otherwise. At that time I used to get disappointed at times not being able to have those gadgets but now I understand that dad was right in his own stand.

But things have changed, but not with a huge magnitude. To say it shortly, I can represent myself through the gadgets that I own. Now before I get you briefed about the Mini-Mes that I have, you should know a  little bit about myself. I know I know, I have already bored you in the About page of this blog, but some are new guests here so bear with me for a while. I am genuinely always at the opposite side of art…period. But I love music very much. Whenever I am disappointed or angry at someone, I turn on the music. It soothes me and calms me instantly. I love astronomy, reading books, watching movies alone and most importantly I love football. Most people can find something common here that they also like. To do these things (in my leisure and not during study time), I don’t need very high-profile and expensive gadgetry.

My head office is my desktop PC which helps me co-ordinate my likes. For example I can store some pictures and music here. I glance at whats happening around the globe through my PC by a 24-7 internet connection. Here I get daily updates ranging from what NASA has decided to send along with a spacecraft to Mars to what Sir Alex is planning to do in the summer transaction window.

My desktop wall papers and my Facebook status updates randomly represent my hobbies. Whenever I come across something interesting on the internet, I post a status update on the social services. Also like the bedroom walls  of many people, I put posters of my favorite personalities or fascinations as my desktop wallpapers.

My cell phone has now changed from that old piece of junk to a color phone which has a VGA and can support mp3 files. So that means I can calm my nerves listen to my favorite music even if I am not near my computer.

When it comes to movies, my head quarters shift from my PC to my television set. I have some fixed channels which I trust when it comes to movies. I have seen people use iPod, cell phones etc. to watch movies while travelling. But I am strictly against that. I believe the true glow that the movies emit, can only be basked in when someone watches the film quietly in a room with no disturbances. So my only place to watch movies is in the television room of my house. Although I have to admit that occasionally my pockets get heavy. And when that happens I go to multiplexes to watch recently released blockbusters. But the conditions remain the same except for the fact that the screen gets a bit bigger. Scratch that, the screen gets a lot bigger 🙂

So that is about it. I don’t need to use anything else or anything more expensive because as you can see, all my needs are fulfilled by the simple gadgets that I own.

I am not trying to give out any moral from here. Everyone has every right to use whatever they like or want or can have. I am just trying to explain it from my perspective.

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