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A colored flick from 1948


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Color can bring life to anyone, no matter in what mood they are in. I think everyone will agree with me on this one. Not only with people, but with color can bring back life to objects – living and non-living alike. I tell this from both personal experience and observing others. Take pictures for example, try examining the same picture in grey texture and the colored version side by side, you will understand what I mean.

See the difference in the smile of the child in the photograph above?

I am going to discuss in this post a similar story. Not about a picture, but about a film.

The color filming began on a very recent note. Not that it wasn’t introduced before, but the density of films released in color was not much. A very popular play of Shakespeare was portrayed in films for a number of times, by different actors and directed by different people. Many of you might have read the play in school. I am talking about Macbeth. If my memory serves me correctly, it was filmed 4 times over the century. But I personally liked the 1948 version by Orson Welles.

He himself was in the title role along with Jeanette Nolan as Lady Macbeth. The film was released after a lot of financial struggles. But that I will discuss some other time. What this post is about is what if the film was in color.

 Not only would the film have been better, but the audience would have gotten a treat at that time. The fighting sequences in the film would show more colors and brought more feel to the scenes.

The grace and beauties of the characters would have opened up more. The expressions would have been more prominent. The briliant script used by Welles, would combine with the colored aura beautifully and serve a marvel in front of the audience. Although the play was portrayed by other actors later in color, but I and most of the people never got to see what those actors in the 1948 version could have done. Due to financial problems and lack of demand combined Welles was discouraged by fate work on his piece to its fullest potential.

Somethings are kept unanswered. Maybe thats the beauty of it. That is why people talk about it more that other things. Thank you for letting me share my views. Please feel free to express your own views in the comment box below.

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