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World Watch #1


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Out of the time that I have been spending for my studies, I have been able to manage to sneak out and do a couple of things regarding this blog – as you already might have noticed. Apart from that I am starting a new category which is somewhat necessary for every news blog. World watching is having a lookout for whats making news around the globe. So enjoy the first one.

1. Thailand will have their elections come Sunday. Forty two political parties will battle it out against themselves in the election ring (ballot boxes) on the election day in Thailand and 170 thousand policemen will be the audience and bear witnesses. 47 million are eligible for voting in Thailand and the election authorities want to do everything for the protection of their rights. The UN Secretary general Ban Ki-moon have urged the people of Thailand to shun violence and let the election pass peacefully. [link]

2. After nearly two years (547 days to be exact) of being hostages to the Taliban militants, two french reporters return to their home soil, after they were freed from their hostage takers this Wednesday. France 3, the channel for which the two reporters had been working, celebrated their releases by broadcasting it first thing Wednesday.  French Prime Minister François Fillon said in his statements that the Talibans need to realize the facts that it is wrong to express their demands in such ways. They should releases their exixting hostages and engage in democratic debates. [link]

3. Where money is involved, even education has to lose priority. About 200 schools in the Bristol and Bath regions will remain closed or partially closed as their teachers engage in strikes over the facts that their pension amounts were changed. The Civil servants of England and Wales will also join this protest and increase the number of protesters to 750 thousand. However, luckily the University of West of England have ended their summer term and will get no effect from the strikes. [link]

4. Business : This Wednesday the Euro and Global stocks rose after the first vote was cast to adopt a five year austerity plan. [details]

5. Something positive for a change. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare their visit to the United States the tourism promoters are really excited about the hike of the number of bookings from visitors that is likely to take place due to this visit. [details]

P.S. Arnab Ray talks about the brand “IIT ” in his latest blog post.

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