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Ryan Giggs does a Tiger Woods


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Ryan Giggs has found himself in real muddy waters this time as reports emerge that he was having an 8-year old affair with his sister-in-  law, Natasha.

A Sunday Tabloid, News of the World has claimed recently that  the Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs was having a  relationship with his sister-in-law, wife of his brother Rhodri. The  tabloid claims that the BBC Sports Personality of the Year have  slept with Natasha for a number of times in various strings of  hotels, even when his wife was pregnant. A friend of Natasha had  told the tabloid that Natasha told her about this news. When the  Imogen Thomas news broke out, Natasha blurted out the story to  her friend.

Natasha first met the Man Utd. star back in 2003 when she was  single, at a bar in Manchester. Apparently he complimented  her appearance and took her number. The following night he asked her out. They met at Living Room bar where Ryan also introduced her to his brother Rhodri. The trio then dined at a Chinese restaurant. It is reported by the sources that this is the time when the sex started. Ryan had confronted Natasha about him and his girlfriend Stacy Cooke. But Natasha told her friend that despite knowing that it would be the ultimate betrayal, he was addicted to Giggs and did whatever he said.

Recently, in 2010 Natasha and Rhodri got married. Rhodri of course he knew nothing about this. But after the recent events, Rhodri has left Natasha. And Stacey is also being urged by her friends that she should also leave the ManU star   ( Stacey stood by his side during the Imogen Thomas scandal ).

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After the golf star Tiger Woods this is another one of the sex scandals that broke out which concerns a sports star. Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney and now Ryan Giggs. Does anyone see any trends here?
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