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Is It All About the Money?


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In a footage captured from the Knight Riders vs. the Mumbai Indians match it was found that Gambhir  might have aggravated an injury while fielding for his side. Gautam Gambhir is said to have picked up the injury at his right shoulder while he was playing the World Cup final against Sri Lanka in  April. As Gautam Gambhir and his side entered the Wankhede stadium for the first IPL 4 eliminator, an hour prior to that the physiotherapist of the KKR team – Andrew Leipus, wrote a letter to the BCC saying that the KKR skipper has an acute pain in his right shoulder and might be needed to be rested during the West Indies tour. During the post match press conference Gautam Gambhir told the press that he was unaware of the seriousness of the injury and that he was kept in the dark by the KKR management. On the other hand, contradicting that report the BCCI has stated that Gautam Gambhir was fully aware of his injury and went in to play the knockout in spite of that.

Although the IPL has become somewhat famous for controversies since its inception, the recent events has brought in front of us a classic case. A classic case because this problem had started long ago, specially in soccer, popularly known as football – should the player choose club or country. If Gautam Gambhir is right in his side of the story, then there is no doubt that the KKR management have some serious explaining to do. If the BCCI is right, which I think they are, in saying that Gambhir knowingly risked his sore shoulder and played the eliminator, he is in trouble. The BCCI has not seriously looked into the matter as they are waiting for the medical reports of Gambhir.

Even if the trainer didn’t inform him about the seriousness of the injury, Gambhir should have retreated himself from playing the IPL 4 as he occassionly felt acute pain in practice sessions or matches. I despite being a KKR fan cannot overlook the fact that if he is injured, he will be rested. The Indian side already looks weak without Dhoni and Zaheer. Did the KKR skipper go for the money, no one knows. Although the IPL was introduced with good intentions, the negative impacts have started showing. The players are tempted to a large extent by the huge money involved. The BCCI should have a closer look into the matter and figure out the solution so that players do not choose money club over country.

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