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Naval Base at Pakistan rescued after 17 hours struggle with Talibans


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After 17 hours of battle with the Taliban militants on a well protected Mehran Base in Karachi, Pakistani troops re-took control of the naval base. On around 11 p.m Sunday the Pakistan naval base

(Mehran Base) at Karachi was breached from three sides by the Taliban militants. A gun battle ensued between the Taliban and the Pakistani military forces interrupted by occasional blasts of fuel tanks of Pakistani military vehicles. Both were fighting for command over the base which is 10 km from the main Airport of Karachi. Later reports confirmed that about 10 to 15 Taliban militants entered the base from three sides deep in the night. The Navy Spokesperson said that 20 odd Pakistani troops were wounded in the heavy gunfight. The major target of the Talibans is thought to be the P-3C Orion which was successful destroyed by them along with other aircrafts and vehicles. A detailed break up of the event here.

Local witnesses reported that although the heavy explosions ceased gradually as the daylight fell, but occasional gunshots were heard as Pakistan engaged “a major operation” to secure the Base from the Terrorists. The Pakistani Talibans  said that this attack was to avenge the recent attacks on the innocent civilians carried out by the Pak military on orders from the USA. Words are coming in that the Talibans had indicated this attack some days ago which were not heeded. After the area was secured, investigators found two dead bodies of the attackers and suspect that while some maybe buried in the debris, others might have fled.

There are daily 9/11s on Pakistan these days. If somebody thought that after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the terror domination would be slowed down, well that day looks to be in the distant future. Pakistan is on the verge of declaring a national emergency. And the most vulnerable thing in Pakistan are its nukes. With the defensing capabilities of Pakistan being tested like this on a daily basis, questions are being raised if the nukes are safe in Pakistan or not.

On a related news a verbal fight has broken between the Afghanistan Taliban and the Afghanistan’s Intelligence service regarding the death of the military chief of the Taliban – Mullah Omar. Although the Afgans are confirming his death the Talibans are denying the news.

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