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A person can escape punishment for having a sexual relationship with his subordinate by saying that it was “a serious error of judgement”. But if he does not have diplomatic immunity, no matter what he puts on the table, he cannot escape an arrest for sexually assaulting a chambermaid. Yes, this is what happened to Dominique Strauss Kahn – the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He was imprisoned held at a special victim unit at a New York Police Department (NYPD) on this Sunday. The police caught him from an Air France plane which was 10 minutes from take off. Talk about being close. NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne said in a statement later that Strauss Kahn sexually assaulted a chambermaid at Manhattan’s Sofitel as she entered his $3000 suite on mid day without knowing of course that he was there. Apparently Strauss Kahn emerged naked from the bathroom and literally had a cat and mouse chase with her in the suite hallway. The 32 year old chambermaid also said in her complaint that Strauss Kahn dragged her to the bathroom and engaged in a criminal sexual act. He then tried to lock her in the hotel room but the chambermaid escaped and went to the hotel personnel. They immediately called 911. When the police came they found that the generous visitor had left in a hurry and left his cell phone and other personal stuff in the suite.  Now I can overlook the fact that old men tend to get naked when they are alone or that geniuses are somewhat…unpredictable but a chambermaid on 1 pm?

Anyways, this incident could not have happened to the M.D. of IMF on a more critical time. Strauss Khan was planning to run for the presidential election in France next year. He was on the Air France plane which was bound for Germany, to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel. But his “ladies man” reputation finally caught up with him and drained his chances of overthrowing Sarcozy to the gutter. France polls predicted that Mr. Khan will definitely win the election if he stands as a representative as President Sarkozy’s  popularity is at an all time low. The IMF chief was to resign from his post some time in August. I doubt that he would have imagined something like this. But what will be interesting to see is what kind of a role his wife – Anne Sinclair plays in this matter. Over the years she has turned herself from the most watched French interviewer to the loyal spouse if the IMF chief. She was also seen supporting her husband when the IMF accused him of having an affair with an IMF subordinate. Now that this new incident have come up to the media attention, other related stories are also sprouting from here and there, as always.

Not to be totally against him, the IMF chief is famous for other reasons also. He has degrees in law, business administration, political studies and statics. He also has a PhD in Economics. Before joining the IMF Strauss Kahn was a professor. During his service as the finance minister from 1997-1999 he helped France to abandon the Franc for the Euro. In his stay as the IMF chief he also has made sure that emerging market countries like India get more voting power in the IMF than before.

Strauss Kahn’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman has said in his statement that Mr. Kahn denies all the charges. The IMF chief was expected to be produced in court late Sunday afternoon.

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