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Manchester reign Britain


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This Saturday on the 14th May, it was a very special day for the city of Manchester as Manchester United sealed their record 19th league title by a 1-1 draw against Blackburn and on the other hand Manchester City won the FA Cup by beating Stoke City by a mere goal from Yaya Toure of Ivory Coast.

Before going in on the match against Blackburn Rovers on Saturday there was no fear or lack of confidence on the faces of the Man United players or on Sir Alex Ferguson for that matter. They had overcame the possible threat to their title hunt when they defeated Chelsea previous week. But it is not a hoax when the pundits say that anything can happen on the Barclays Premier League. The red devils were in for a test when they entered the away crowds boos. Brett Emerton left the visitors in shock when he found the net with a goal from inside the penalty box to the bottom left corner of the goal. Kuszczak didn’t stand a chance against a shot like that. Although it took Man United a while to recover from the shock, it started to look like Sir Alex’s team would have to put the party for next week. The first half passed by with a couple of near misses from the Blackburn side. On the second half, maybe due Sir Alex’s half time talk the red devils were on their regular flow once again, but the chances of them scoring were very meek. In comes Paul Scholes and introduces himself by a vintage tackle on Morten Gamst Pedersen. But when Michael Carrick took a free kick and Chicarito was able to break away without being offside, the away fans crossed their fingers. Paul Robinson made a mistake by tipping off Hernandez trying to get to the ball and referee Dowd indicated towards the spot. And who else to save his club but Wayne Rooney. He sends the keeper the wrong way and scores an emphatic goal. A goal to seal off the league title for a record 19th time. No wonder Sir Alex says that Manchester United like to do things the hard way. It was inevitable that Blackburn would not be able to score again. And they couldn’t. After the final whistle Javier was found to wipe a tear off his face. Every player came down to the field to do a victory lap. Sir Alex did a vow towards the away fans for being there and left the ground smiling.

On to the next match. Ivory coast international was the hero of the day for Manchester City as he scored the only in the close fight for the FA Cup against Stoke City. Manchester City in winning the FA Cup ended a 35 year title drought for the club. They last won the League Cup against Newcastle United. Although most of the game remained goalless but 16 minutes from time the semi final hero who helped oust the red devils from the tournament was again called for his services. And boy did he deliver. Toure pounced on a loose ball 10 yards out to thrash his finish past Sorensen in front of the delirious hordes of sky blue supporters. They went ecstatic. Maybe after this Roberto Mancini wont be questioned for his methods. Man City will be in the Champions League next season due to their win against the Spurs. The huge influx of finance maybe is finally paying off.

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