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Determination to keep the rally alive

I cannot possibly imagine another better example to motivate us to keep chasing every ball in the rally in the hope of winning the point.



Table Tennis

This is not para table tennis because I don’t see how these people fall short in determination and dedication towards the game. We all love the game and enjoy playing it.

Video posted by Facebook page of Tenis De Mesa Cedima.

The Band Playing Inside a Table Tennis Training Centre

Instead of practicing in one of the oh so many tables that is left empty in the hall, these guys are playing a song here. The viewers are the best to judge of what actually is happening in this video.

Ibrahim hamato in Table Tennis action

Ibrahim Hamato, who shot to fame when his video playing Ma Long emerged on the Internet and nearly broke it down by the number of hits it got, is seen in action in a match in this video.

More videos of Ibrahim Hamato here.

The strength of Chinese domestic Table Tennis structure

This is not a once in a blue moon, isolated genius child wonder, nearly all Chinese kids are trained in such methods so that they can be able to take the responsibility of the Chinese national duties of winning tournaments when they takeover in the future days.